Welcome to CQB

The Centro de Química e Bioquímica was founded in 2001 aiming at creating an environment oriented toward fruitful collaborations between chemistry and biochemistry. The multidisciplinary teams working in the experimental and theoretical labs within CQB involve approximately sixty PhD members and more than one hundred collaborators, most of them PhD and Master students. The lively and youthful atmosphere of the Faculdade de Ciências extends to CQB and is further amplified by the large number of international collaborations and programs (students from ERASMUS, IAESTE and others). We conduct fundamental research disseminated by recognized peer-reviewed scientific journals, and the high number of citations reflects its relevance to the scientific community worldwide.

CQB research is organized in two thematic lines, aligned with the Societal Challenges defined in Horizon 2020 EU, the priorities for the regional development of the Lisbon area, and taking advantage of the consolidated skills of CQB members:

I invite you to visit our web pages and to read our CQB booklet and  Flyer to know more about us and our research!

Amélia Pilar Rauter
(CQB coordinator)


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