CQB organization

CQB is run by a Coordinator, an Executive Committee, and a Scientific Committee.

Executive Committee

The Coordinator Amélia Pilar Rauter and the elected members Ana Paula Carvalho, Susana Santos, and Miguel Machuqueiro form the Executive Committee.

Scientific Committee

All members of CQB take part in the Scientific Committee.

CQB Members

Check here for  2016 list of members

Check here for 2015 list of members.

International Advisory Board

“The International Advisory Board is composed by a group of three to five experts of recognized scientific merit, the majority of which from countries other than Portugal,  whose function is to evaluate the scientific activity of CQB and the strategic guidelines for future development”. (Article 11, CQB Statutes).

The members of the CQB International Advisory Board are:

Reports of the International Advisory Board to FCT

CQB statutes

See our statutes (2013/06/05 final revision, in Portuguese) for more details on the organization of CQB.