Publications & Projects




•Biomimetic/nanobioconjugates flexible platforms for sensitive immunosensing, FCT

•Integração de marcas naturais e artificiais para resconstruir migrações de peixes e alterações ortogénicas de nicho, COMPETE
• Diagnostic and drug discovery initiative for alzheimer’s disease, EC
•Life-impetus: improving current barriers for controlling pharmaceutical compounds in urban wastewater treatment plants, EC
•Personalised ICT supported service for independent living and active ageing, EC
NUTRIAGEING is a nutrition module of the PERSSILAA project, developed to promote healthy nutrition, to educate on how to make healthier food choices and improve food habits.The NUTRIAGEING website is available at nutriageing
•CO2 mitigation and production of methanol by reforming of CH4, FCT
•CpHMD-L simulations of pHLIP peptides: design of new tumor-targeted drug delivery systems, FCT
•Halogen bonds in (bio)chemical systems: a theoretical approach for ‘real world’ applications, FCT
•Multifunctional luminescent spin labile hybrid materials, FCT
•Novel nanostructured electrodes towards optimal biosensing, FCT
•Revealing amyloid fibril formation through the ions of mass spectrometry, FCT​
•Sphingolipid organization in the plasma membrane of saccharomyces, FCT
•Synthesis of nucleotide mimics as potential antitumor agents targeting cyclin-dependent kinases, FCT
•The architecture of life: probing the quaternary structure of virus capsids by native mass spectrometry, FCT
•Titanate nanotubes photosensitization by narrow bandgap semicondutor nanoparticles, FCT
•Anion transmembrane transport promoted by drug-like molecules: building a library of anion carriers inspired in ataluren (PTC124), FCT/COMPETE
•Overcoming environmental problems associated with antifouling agents: synthesis of natureinspired nontoxic biocides and immobilization in polymeric coatings, FCT/COMPETE

Ended in 2015

•Smart polymer switches for green CO2 capture, F. Calouste Gulbenkian
•Anchoring of metal nanoparticles on graphene hybrid assemblies with photoactive molecules, FCT
•BIONANOMINE: bio-synthesis of nanosized semiconductors using mine wastes as material sources and environmentally friendly applications, FCT
•Core@shell magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy by hyperthermia, FCT
•Development and optimization of an all-atom force field for crystalline organic compounds, FCT
•Development of conducting polymer based electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction in direct borohydride fuel cells, FCT
•Frombluetoglue: expression and purification of sea urchin adhesive proteins – screening for new bioadhesives, FCT
•Halophytes: a precious resource of nutritional elements and bioactive compounds, FCT
•Maroc – morphology-activity relationship in oxidation catalysis, FCT
•Metabolic markers of downy mildew resistance in grapevine, FCT
•Mob1 protein: a critical factor in toxoplasma gondii replication, FCT
•Old tools for new solutions: bio-inspired antimicrobial peptides for bacterial infections control, FCT
•Asthma – future asthma management helped by non-invasive sampling: contributes for the definition of a rapid and non-invasive diagnostic tool, FCT
•TTR amyloid bril formation in vivo – looking beyond genetic factors, FCT
Desenvolvimento de novas interfaces para a construção de biossensores de marcadores tumorais e para detecção de BOD, FCT/DREBM
Desenvolvimento de revestimentos e/ou materiais poliméricos anti-bioincrustrantes sem lixiviação de agentes tóxicos para o ambiente, contract
Pera Rocha study of its organic constituents and potential nutritional interest, contract
•Carbohydrates as organic raw materials (CORM) V (conference) – building a sustainable future (CORMV), POCTI