Interfacial Electrochemistry

Interfacial Electrochemistry

Interfacial Electrochemistry

Principal Investigator

Jorge CorreiaJorge Correia
Assistant Researcher, PhD Universidade de Lisboa (2000)

+351-217500685 (ext 28420)


Interfacial Electrochemistry Group research is focused on interfacial phenomena involving high performance modified electrodes and semiconductor nanomaterials, to develop new platforms for (photo)electrocatalytic, energy production, (bio)sensing and protective purposes.

This is achieved by a careful and precise combination of materials (conducting polymers, self-assembled monolayers and nanostructures) and preparation methods (electrochemical, chemical coupling/adsorption, modification/sensitization). In catalysis and sensing is extremely advantageous and challenging to have active centres stably immobilized preserving their identity and function. Association of electrochemical and surface sensitive characterization techniques greatly contributes to elucidate about structure, properties and reactivity relationships. Benefits arise from the use of functionalized electrodes, since reactive entities properties can be tailored and modulated by electric potential application.

These research approaches, together with the materials evaluation in energy production and environmental remediation processes, are integrated in the Chemistry and Biochemistry for a Clean Environment CQB thematic strand. The group research also contributes to the Human Health: Molecular Interventions and Regulation Mechanisms thematic line, with studies involving the effect of bioactive chemicals and proteins on biomimetic supported lipid bilayers, mainly by high resolution imaging.