Separation Science & Technology

Separation Science Technology

Separation Science & Technology

Principal Investigator

José Manuel NogueiraJ. M. F. Nogueira
Associate Professor with Habilitation, PhD Universidade de Lisboa (1995), +351-217500899 (ext 28251)


“The Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis line” of the Separation, Science and Technology (SS&T) group is deeply involved on the development of new analytical methodologies to monitor trace levels of several classes of emerging compounds (e.g. EDC’s, PPCP’s, POP’s, DBP’s, etc.) from many type of priority matrices. Most of our analytical work has been focused on the implementation of novel sorption-based microextraction methodologies in combination with modern instrumental systems, in particular as analytical alternatives to monitor environmental, pharmaceutical, food, forensic and biological samples.

“The Hydrometallurgical Separations line” of the SS&T group focuses research on the development and characterization of new functional organic molecules to efficiently and selectively recover metal species from feed industrial complex aqueous solutions, and / or effluents. One of the aims is to contribute to the decontamination of the environment, through innovative processes for the hydrometallurgical recycling of end-of-life materials, and profiting from the economic value several metals in industrial wastes have.